Company Terms


Each product may have different warranty periods and conditions. Please see the warranty terms for each model.

  • Damage caused by misuse, failure to follow instructions or instructions, do fall, bump, pull or deliberately damaging.
  • Damage from natural disasters such as lightning, flood and accident.
  • Damage from animals, insects, fungus and so on.
  • Damage from moisture, external heat, electrical fault
  • Damage caused by wear and tear, such as scratches, scratches, scratches, abrasions and aging.
  • Damage caused by disassembly, soldering, modification Or repaired by others.
  • Degradation of applications such as battery, contactors, connectors.
  • There are no signs of modifying the model name, S / N number of the product or sticker, Warranty on the item (Warranty) torn or lost.
  • No proof of purchase Such as receipt or model name or S / N number of the item does not match the item.

Goods damaged by transportation

Once the goods have been delivered to the shipping service provider (eg Thai Postal Service Plc.), The shipping service will be responsible for any damage to the goods.

  • To receive goods from the shipping service. Customers should check the box condition. And open the box to check the product. In front of the shipping staff. Sign in to get the item.
  • If the product or box is damaged, torn, stained, torn, broken, wet, damp, or in unusual condition. Just a little Let’s take a box. And notify the shipping staff immediately. Where possible, note the condition of the box and any unusual items on the delivery document of the shipping carrier. Sign in to get the item. Otherwise, I can not claim any damages from anyone else.
  • In case of damage caused by transportation It is the responsibility of the shipping service. But the company will help facilitate the best in dealing with problems.
  • Customer case provides erroneous delivery address information. It is the responsibility of the customer. If the goods returned to the company. Customers may incur new shipping charges and fines imposed by the carrier.
  • Others have received goods instead. It is the responsibility of the customer and the shipping service.