FAQ Fingerprint

The screen displays ‘System Clock Error’.

A: There are two cases.
Caused by a worn-out battery. Replace
Caused by Y4 (32,768 oscillator) or (15SP) to U16 (Time IC) cross capacitor must be replaced.

No screen light

A: First check whether there is power supply or not.
If the adapter is directly connected, check that the power cord and adapter are damaged.
In case of switching power supply, check inside if there is damage or battery doctor.
If checked then normal but not yet. May be caused by problem board. Return the machine to check again.

Fingerprint scanner does not match its name.

A: The system has been modified. The data is inaccurate. Delete the fingerprint and save the new data.

Fingerprint scanner, not stick

A: In the first fingerprint record. The unit shows the percentage of fingerprints each finger. Choose 70% or more fingerprints and, as you scan, place your finger closest to your stored location.

Fingerprint scanner does not work with alarms all the time.

A: Check it out.
Make sure the cover is closed.
Check Power Supply Switching whether power supply to the machine?
Remove the battery terminal in the Switching Power Supply for about 15 minutes and then reopen it.

The time that the scanner does not match the current time.

A: Two cases can be corrected.
Edit the time directly on the page, press F1 2 times >> Then enter the 6-digit password (the old value 111111) >> Press 2 Menu Setting >> Date & Time >> Set the time.
Open the browser window >> Enter the IP address of the scanner in the address bar (original value >> Enter the user name & password (the original admin & admin) >> Then go to the topic. Terminal >> Clock Setup >> Choose the time zone settings for Internet Time Server. Select Enable >> enter time.windows.com in the recommend box >> Time Zone Configuration (GMT + 07.00) Thailand Russia> > Save

Normal screen But the fingerprint reader does not work.

A: Check it out.
Press # to observe that the light is on.
Try to access the menu. If it shows that the Sensor Scan has problems, but if it does not indicate that the module has a problem.

Fetched “Terminal not found !!!”

A: The scanner was not found. Check this out.
Check the IP address of the machine to match the number in the program to retrieve it. If not match, fix it.
Check whether the LAN cable is connected to the unit well. Caused by damaged or damaged LAN cable?

Failed to retrieve or “Error on download”

A: The cause is due to full data, never deleting local data. There are three ways to do this.
Open the Browser >> Enter the IP Address in the Address Bar >> Enter User name & Password >> Go to Tools >> Reset >> Delete All Access Log
Delete data directly at the machine >> Press F1 twice >> Enter the 6-digit password (the old value 111111) >> Press 3 Reset menu >> Select Reset Logs
Remove the data from the Quick Download program (if the program can still be retrieved, but it takes a long time.) Fetch >> Save the file is stored >> Go to Delete data section >> Yes
*** Caution If deleted, data can not be recovered ***

Data retrieved date month does not match current date.

A: Check whether the computer displays the current time.